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We help you find the best home for you and your loved ones

How we match you with a home

We're a bit different from Rightmove and Zoopla because we need to make sure the home works for you and our funding partners.

Here's how we do it, and how you benefit.

Our Property Specialists take over

You get the benefit of our property filtering algorithm which only selects properties that make great homes and great investments. 

It removes homes near motorways and flood plains—things that affect a property's value. 

It also estimates a fair rent based on comparable homes while making sure it gives our funding partners the fair return on investment they need.

We filter the entire market

Stage 1

Your property listings page is personalised to you. It's based on your household income and deposit. 

We only show you homes where you have at least 5% deposit and where rent is no more than 37.5% of your household income. 

We cap rent at 37.5% so you have money left over to buy more of your home over time.

Adding your finances to the mix

That means you see some of the best homes in England that have the highest chances of working with your finances. Take a look through—what do you fancy?

A garden? A driveway? A home office?

For each home we can show you estimates of how much money you'll need upfront and how much it'll cost on a monthly basis. 

Over to you!

When you're ready to view a home we run the second stage of our property analysis. 

Before you pay a penny, the rent is reviewed by our property experts to double check it's a fair market rent, that it works with your finances, and that it gives the funding partners the return they need too.

Fair rent

Stage 6

It's a match!

A match is what we're looking for. We can't wait to match you with homes you can make your own.

Sometimes, the results of our analysis can prevent a match. Either the property has some less obvious issues, or the updated figures no longer work with your finances. 

But don't worry, you only need to match with 1 home. And when you find it you can rest assured that it's been vetted by property experts with very high standards!

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*'we' 'us' and 'our' refer to Wayhome and/or their funding partners.

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The figures will change

It's worth bearing in mind that we can only give you final figures for:

  • 1. how much it'll cost upfront
  • 2. how much rent will be and 
  • 3. what percentage you'll own 

after you've completed an affordability check with us and got an offer accepted on a home.

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Ready to become a homeowner?

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*'we' 'us' and 'our' refer to Wayhome and/or their funding partners.

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Stage 2

Stage 3

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